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The ARTISAN WHEELBUILDER uses personal knowledge and experience, proper tools combined with a sense for tension by ear and feel to build wheels by hand.


Why hand-built wheels - Anything that has been built in a traditional manner, using quality materials and components, built by hand, by someone that has taken a great deal time, patience and thoroughness is worth the investment.

​The process - With the use of a spoke length calculator; lengths are accurately determined to 0.1 of millimetre, Spoke threads are prep’d using a lubricant and thread lock. Lacing pattern used will be determined by the type of wheel set that is required by the rider. To obtain a wheel set that operates with minimal amounts of maintenance it is crucial that spokes are prep’d and the correct lacing pattern is used. To maintain the correct specified tension each spoke is measured throughout the wheel building process with a tension meters. No compromise, wheel set trueness is less than one-tenth of a millimetre, the thickness of a human hair.

ARTISAN WHEELBUILDER builds with precision to maximize accuracy, builds with passion to maximize consistency.  Interested in hand-built wheels, see below.



Why SALT CARBON - These wheels are ideal for training and racing, and because they have been built by hand to the correct specification that creates a balance between rim and hub, it is a wheel set that can transform a sluggish bike and or rider to into a rocket.


Wheel types - Road (rim and disc brake), Mountain, Gravel, Cyclocross and Triathlon wheels are fast, light weight, suitable for wider tyres and durable with hubs that easily serviceable.


Rim types - Carbon clincher in Road, Mountain and Gravel. Road rims provide excellent braking performance. Mountain and Gravel rims are tubeless ready, but work perfectly with standard tyres and tubes.

For more info, please contact via email.

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