A strategy that steers you in the direction of your goal, keeps you motivated, fine tunes your training, challenges you and fits around your life.

If you are a disciplined cyclist, novice to experienced who wants structured training and wishes to build fitness without the guidance of a coach and able to stick to a set program over a defined period, then RIDEANDRACE No Coach Personalised Plan is for you. 








An affordable solution to individualized training with effective training methods to build your fitness progressively. Your personalised plan factors in training history, recent training data, natural abilities and individual limiters, and is designed to maximize gains in your available training time.

RIDEANDRACE training plans are built on the TrainingPeaks platform, compatible with fitness apps and devices such as Apple Watch, Zwift, Garmin, Wahoo, Polar, Suunto, Rouvy, Tacx, Fitbit, Trainerroad, Sigma, Powertap, MyFitnessPal and SRM. 


  • If not already a user - a free basic TrainingPeaks account.

  • Consultation - Initial questionnaire to help in understanding you and your training history and your requirements.

  • A once-off plan customized to your realistic goal, needs and current level of fitness.

  • Personalised training plan in TrainingPeaks delivered in 4-12 week blocks.

  • If followed, a plan that provides direction to improved consistency, recovery and results.

  • A wide variety of workouts each week, with an appropriate intensity, training stress and recovery.

  • Support and feedback through the first 2 weeks of the plan.

  • Built in fitness and performance testing.

  • Daily workout notifications with recommended power, heart-rate and or RPE targets.

  • Workouts that can be programmed into ZWIFT and smart interactive indoor trainers.




What are the requirements? Powermeter and or Heart-rate monitor, downloadable cycling GPS computer (Garmin, Wahoo, etc.) the TrainingPeaks app and access to daily emails.

Are the no coach personalised plans only for people who race? No, you may be interested in being fitter or losing weight. All that is asked of you is that you ride a bike and want to improve in some way.

How do I judge my training effort? Your training program has personalised training zones. Depending on gauging device your workout target will be a combination of heart rate metrics, power metrics and or RPE.

What are my responsibilities? Read and understand the training that has been written for you. If you miss a session it is best to stick to the schedule instead of trying to make it up.






All personalised training plans are administered online via TrainingPeaks, so your location does not matter. To get started or to find out more, please complete the form below, your information will not be shared or published.

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