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Individuality - Male or female, no two cyclists are the same and each requires a custom approach.

Consistency - Simple, consistency beats intensity, volume and dictates results.

Execution - Hard work, dedication and consistency is required to achieve success at any task, however you should never have to really force yourself to train, it is okay to skip a workout.

Quality - The quality of each interval should be maintained, if the intensity drops or recommended targets cannot be reached then the session should be stopped.

Quantity - Less is more, however cycling is an endurance sport that requires large volumes of work at appropriate times to achieve your goal.

Intensity - Hard sessions will be hard and easy sessions will be easy. Together we will ensure that you the athlete are physically and mentally rested for the hard sessions.

Rest - Be it for a day, a week or even extended period away from the bike, taking a break will be scheduled to allow your body and mind to rebuild to maintain freshness and motivation as well as preventing and or lowering the risk of injury.



Can a personalised coaching program help me achieve my realistic goal? Yes it can when combined consistency and training within the guidelines.

Do you only coach people who race? No, you may be interested in being fitter or losing weight and don't want to compete in cycling races, but want to use cycling as a medium to help achieve your health goals. All that is asked of you is that you ride a bike, and want to improve in some way.


Which type of cyclists do you coach? Primarily coaching ultra-endurance cyclists who compete or want to participate in supported and unsupported ultras such as TheMunga, Bikingman Oman, 24 hour and 12 hour mountain bike and road races.

What is ultra-endurance cycling? Any bike race that is longer than 160 kilometers, where clock runs continuously from start to finish.

How does remote/online coaching work? Surprisingly well! Delivered daily via Training Peaks and email, a personalised training program that will help you reach your goals which has been designed using the information from your training questionnaire and test results. With the use of modern data tools such as GPS, Strava, power meters, TrainingPeaks, etc, and regular interaction allows a coach to be with you most of the time.

Do I need lots of time to train? The amount of time required will be determined by your realistic goal. 

What are my responsibilities as an athlete? Read and understand the training that has been written for you. Complete workouts within workload guidelines, ride safely, be responsible and disciplined about recovery. Upload training files in a timely manner and provide feedback to training in your Training Peak's post workout comments box.

What do I need? Access to daily emails, downloadable cycling GPS computer (Garmin, Wahoo, etc..), a heart rate monitor and or power meter is essential.

What do I get? Coaching backed by certification, personal experience and practical knowledge, If not already a user - a free basic TrainingPeaks account. Downloadable workouts for Garmin, Wahoo, Zwift and ERG file format for smart indoor trainers.

How often will I receive my training? Daily via email notification from TrainingPeaks and always a day before. You can also view your daily/weekly/monthly session when you log into your TrainingPeaks profile.

Which coaching service should I choose? Your current level of fitness, age or cycling experience is not important. Primary factor to consider is your level of attention you require.

If you can't find your question being answered, please ask by sending an email to rideandraceinfo@gmail.com or using the form below.

It's simple - Individualized from start to finish. RIDEANDRACE first step is to learn and understand who you are, your health history, your realistic goals and your natural abilities and limiting factors. Next step is to establish your current state of fitness, determine what it is you need to do achieve your target and then develop a plan with heart-rate and or power based training to get the most out of your performance ability.

There are two options for online coaching on a space available basis:

Level One

Is perfect for the beginner to advanced cyclists who needs frequent coaching guidance in order to build fitness progressively. Level one is for cyclists facing obstacles and challenges in training such as illness and injury or obstacles and challenges in work and or life, cyclists wanting to build fitness more rapidly at a controlled rate, cyclists with specific goals or who are moving to the next level of competition. 

Level One includes flexible training meaning when life gets in the way or changes in schedule happen, training is re-written to accommodate.  

Level Two

Is perfect for the independant cyclist, beginner to advanced who desires some structure and minimal coaching guidence in order to build fitness progressively.

Level Two includes a monthly training program update based on workout data analysis and feedback.

To get started, please complete the form below and RIDEANDRACE will help you decide which coaching plan is right for you, your information will not be shared or published.

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