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Race - Repetition

The 2nd edition was held on the 8th of April 2018, the clock starts at 6 am and stops at 6 pm. The circuit is 3.3km long, flat, fast, my objective was to do as many as possible laps within 12 hour period and finish in the top 10 position.


The gear


Power meter.
Garmin EDGE 500.
Look KX Lightness.
Salt Carbon Clincher wheel set, 38mm on the front and 50mm on the rear. 


What i did


I always “dechunk” the race distance or this case the 12 hour duration.

3 x 3 hour segment for brief stop and refuel,1 minute to grab bottles and prepack sandwiches from my cooler bag.

12 x 1 hour segments eating something solid, aim to consume at least 750ml of fluid and to check essential average metrics – power, heart rate and speed.

I set my Garmin to auto lap and beep every hour and aimed to maintain an average of around 33km per hour.




3 x 1litre and 2 x750ml Refuel energy drink.
1 x 1litre, 2 x750ml and 4 x 500ml bottles of water.
8 peanut butter and jam sandwiches, with a pinch of salt and dash of cinnamon.
3 x Jungle Oats energy bars.
2 x yellow greenish bananas for slow sugar release.
2 x spotty bananas for fast sugar release.


Since 2015 i have been developing the capacity to do ultra-endurance racing, I had a good training block from October 2017 through to February 2018 and competed in Bikingman Oman at the end of February, then after 2 weeks of recovery I did two long outdoor rides and a combination of short intense indoor sessions at Bike2max Studio to prepare for Killarney 12 hour. 

Fast 200 km in 5 hours and 24 minutes, there were many surges, hard and short; at intensity and duration that I could tolerate. I was able to ride comfortably up until the 11th hour and was only able to maintain an average speed of 22 km for that last hour.


By the numbers


Duration: 12 hours
Moving time: 11 hours and 56 minutes
Distance covered: 427km
Laps: 130
Average HR: 160bpm
Energy output: 9877kj
Placing: 5th overall.


What i achieved


A good couple year's ago, i crashed at the Killarney Night Series Criteriums, ever since I would always be at the back of the group out of harm’s way. The safe zone has a downside to it though, it is much harder at the back, I ended up using more energy.


During the 12 hour race my fear shrank and confidence grew with each lap, I found myself in a better position with each loop placing myself in the best position for entering and exiting each bend. Eventually the skill became more natural, there was more “flow” and I wasn’t easily rattled.


One of many reasons why I enjoy 12 hour and 24 hour racing is the lap format, the repetition that lets me re-calibrate. Each lap is an opportunity to learn over and over and over again.







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