Struggling To Find Time To Train

This may come easy to some or difficult to others. If you find it difficult then ask yourself this:

Is my personal health and longevity a priority?

Do I have time to spare or can I create time and space for my own personal health and longevity?

Is getting in shape, losing weight or improving physical and mental well-being through cycling or any other form of exercise important to me?

Is the cycling goal important to me?

Am I willing to open up my schedule if the cycling goal is a priority?


Do this!

Know what it is you want to achieve.

Assess where your time is spent and wasted.

Create a support system of people you can rely on, involve family and friends, tells them about your goal, train with a friend and or hire a coach to guide you.

Use a personalised and structured training plan.

Schedule consistent times to wake up, times for training and times to go to bed.

Set reminder and block off time slots.

Show up every day.

Prepare training equipment and nutrition in advance.

Aim to build consistency first, create sustainable habits that you can stick to and repeat each week.

Be patient and trust the process.


So how much time do I need to train?

The amount of time required will be determined by your realistic goal, your desire to achieve it, your willingness to try and shape your lifestyle and environment to match your realistic aspirations.



I promise you this; if it is a priority and it really matters then you have the time.


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