Consistency Will Yield Results

If we want to improve our chances of succeeding at a realistic goal, what should we do that will yield the greatest result?

Like most cyclists I have a desire to improve, early on I use to get consumed by the latest equipment, opinions and sophisticated training approaches and soon realized that I was overlooking the most basic element of success - Consistency.

- Guides for building consistency

Be passionate about your realistic goal; the greater the desire to succeed the easier it is to shape your lifestyle and environment to match aspiration.

Do the preparation work; plot a course of action that is specific to your goal and within your current capacity.

Keep your goal in sight as this will encourage consistency.

Show up every day, consistency requires habit which grows by sticking to a plan.

Be present in training; allow your mind and body to be fully engaged in this constructive action.

Assess and overcome negativity swiftly, feeling and thoughts are temporary and in moments of negativity it is best to push through and get back on track.


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