RIDEANDRACE Coaching Elements

A bit of science and art.

Individuality - Male or female, no two cyclists are the same and each requires a custom approach.

Partnership - This a relationship where your goal becomes our goal. It will be a journey made of commitment, communication and development.

Consistency - Simple, consistency beats intensity, volume and dictates results.

Execution - Hard work, dedication and consistency is required to achieve success at any task, however you should never have to really force yourself to train, it is okay to skip a workout.

Quality - The quality of each interval should be maintained, if the intensity drops or recommended targets cannot be reached then the session should be stopped.

Quantity - Less is more, however cycling is an endurance sport that requires large volumes of work at appropriate times to achieve your goal.

Intensity - Hard sessions will be hard and easy sessions will be easy. Together we will ensure that you the athlete are physically and mentally rested for the hard sessions.

Specificity - What ever aspect you focus on you will improve.

Variation - The same training may lead to the same result over and over. Change the result by changing the training load, volume and or type.

Rest - Be it for a day, a week or even extended period away from the bike, taking a break will be scheduled to allow your body and mind to rebuild to maintain freshness and motivation as well as preventing and or lowering the risk of injury.


​If you need some guidance, need assistance to prepare for an event, want to commit to weeks or months of training or have any questions then the easiest way to get in touch is by using this contact form or this email address: rideandraceinfo@gmail.com


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