The 2nd edition was held on the 8th of April 2018, the clock starts at 6am and stops at 6pm. The circuit is 3.3km long, flat, fast and technical when there is a strong South Easter. My objective was to do as many as possible laps within 12 hour period and remain in a top 10 position.

I really do enjoy solo lap racing, I thrive on the structure the solo category can create.

My gear
  • SRM wired power meter.

  • Garmin EDGE 500.

  • Look KX Lightness.

  • Salt Carbon Clincher wheel set, 38mm on the front and 50mm on the rear.

I’m data junkie, I had the SRM for the power data and Garmin to record heart and the ride GPS.

What I did
  • I always to “dechunk” the race distance or this case the 12hr duration.

  • 3 x 3 hour segment for brief stop and refuel, literally 1 minute to grab bottles and prepack sandwiches from my cooler bag.

  • 12 x 1 hour segments eating something solid, aim to consume at least 750ml of fluid and to check essential average metrics – power, heart rate and speed.

  • I set my Garmin to auto lap and beep every hour and I calculated that if I where to maintain an average of around 33km per hour, with 3 planned pit-stops then I could achieve a top ten goal.

  • 3 x 1litre and 2 x750ml carbohydrate drink, Refuel energy drink is what I use.

  • 1 x 1litre, 2 x750ml and 4 x 500ml bottles of water.

  • 8 peanut butter and jam sandwiches, with a pinch of salt and dash of cinnamon.

  • 3 x Jungle Oats energy bars.

  • 2 x yellow greenish bananas for slow sugar release.

  • 2 x spotty bananas for fast sugar release.

Solo means solo, for Killarney 12hr if you have any support in terms of feeding then it can only happen in a designated area and not on the track, I opted to be self-sufficient, not the best strategy on the day. There were a few solo rider who had a slight advantage, they made the best of loop in the rules and were being fed by “team mates” who had entered as solo riders, meaning you wouldn't have when pulling into the feed zone and lost the main bunch or fall a lap behind....rant over!

Since 2015 I have been developing the capacity to do ultra-endurance racing, I had a good training block from October 2017 through to February 2018, competed in BIKINGMAN OMAN at the end February, and after a week of recovery I did two 160km outdoor rides and a combination of short intense indoor sessions to prepare for Killarney 12hr.

How it went

We covered 200km in 5hr24min, there were a few surges here and there, and I applied just enough pressure on the pedals at intensity and duration that I could tolerate without losing the wheel of the rider in front of me. The pace was mostly steady and I was riding comfortably up until the 11th hour, and then boom, roasted...only able to maintain an average speed of 22km for the 12th hour.

By the numbers
  • Duration: 12hr

  • Moving time: 11hr56min

  • Distance covered: 427km

  • Laps: 130

  • Average HR: 160bpm

  • Average Power: 202W, data from SRM not STRAVA

  • Energy output: 9877kj

  • Placing: 5th overall, tied with 4th place, alphabetically order puts me in 5th

What I achieved

There is a fast hair-pin bend just after start grid known for its crashes and usually on the exit, entering and exiting scars me, it is even scarier when there is a strong wind. A few years ago during one of the Killarney Night Series Criteriums, I got switched on the exit of the bend, crashed at speed and ended up with some nasty road rash, lucky with no broken bones. The wounds healed, but what remained was a mental scar, ever since that particular evening whenever I do the Killarney Night Series Criteriums I would always be at the back of the group out of harm’s way, the safe zone which has a downside to it though, as it is much harder at the back, I ended up using more energy and somehow lose the ability to ride in a bunch on a technical course.