Risk Equals Reward

Can I start over, can I build something new, can I rewrite my potential?

Yes I can!

Will I fail?

You will only know if you try!

RIDEANDRACE.NET is one of my biggest challenges to date. Chasing this goal is process that has stretched and shaped me mentally and physically, it has given purpose, created meaning and offered a sense of direction.



You can rewrite your potential.

It all starts in your mind, you must believe that you can do it.

It is never too late or too early to start.

For the goal to be achieved in relevant time frame it has to be clear and concise - be optimistic and realistic.

Knowing how to get there will determine which plan of action is needed.

Don't wait, get started.

Commit and trust the plan.

Keep the goal and plan in sight, set smaller short term goals within your long term goal, and track them, achieve them and celebrate them as this will maintain enthusiasm which will bring you even closer to the long term goal.

Welcome obstacles, adjust accordingly and overcome, if not possible then move on, maintain momentum and stay on course,

Persevere because the difference between success and failure is most often not quitting when these road blocks appear.


Achieving the goal is not as important as what you become in the process of pursuing the goal. Challenge yourself, take on something bigger and rewrite your potential.


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