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Sometimes All You Need Is a Walk or Hike

Go for a walk or hike alone with no distractions - phones, devices, and music. A walk or hike in nature triggers the release of endorphins, making you feel good. And not being drawn to and distracted by technology gives your brain time and space to drift and wander freely, think and solve problems. And time on your feet also helps you live actively between training, work and life. So go outside, move at a regular pace, by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, never having both feet off the ground at once.


Walking can be a great way to get your daily dose of exercise, improve your mood and perhaps socialize with friends.

A favourite paragraph...

“There are some good things to be said about walking. Not many, but some. Walking takes longer, for example, longer than any other known form of locomotion except crawling. Thus it stretches time and prolongs life. Life is already too short to waste on speed. Walking makes the world much bigger and thus more interesting. You have time to observe the details."

– Edward Abbey


Hiking can be a great way to clear your mind and get some peace and quiet. Hiking also releases endorphins which can help improve your mood and make you feel happier. Hiking also helps you work on your mental agility by breaking up a long journey into smaller chunks. It can also improve your focus and concentration.


There’s something about both that seems to help clear the mind. Whether you’re going for a hike or taking a walk to get some fresh air or trying meditation to improve your mental state, hiking and walking has been shown to be beneficial for both mental and physical health. According to a study published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing, hiking or walking can help reduce stress, improve cognitive function and promote better sleep. Additionally, research shows that hiking or walking can also help reduce anxiety, depression and weight gain.


So if you’re looking for a way to improve your mental state and feel better physically, take a walk or go for a hike!


That is it. Thank you for reading. I hope you found it to be a useful resource. Questions, comments and high fives! Drop them here.


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