Free access to a RIDEANDRACE workout library and a basic TrainingPeaks account. This resource is a TrainingPeaks-based library. It enables the simple dragging and dropping of the workouts into your training calendar. The sample workouts are built on the TrainingPeaks platform, compatible with fitness apps and devices such as Apple Watch, Zwift, Garmin, Wahoo, Polar, Suunto, Rouvy, Tacx, Fitbit, Trainerroad, Sigma, Powertap, MyFitnessPal and SRM. 

  • 20+ workouts, available in power, threshold heart rate, maximum heart rate and rating of perceived exertion.

  • Adjustable to suit your needs - duration, intensity, interval variables.

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Seated Climbing Repeats: To improve your ability to overcome resistance which result in faster paces due to better strength.


This session is great for building strength in the leg muscles and preparing them for future higher intensity efforts and sessions. Safety note: Stop the workout if you have any knee discomfort.

​Workout Description

Workout target zones based on a percentage of maximum heart rate.​​

  • Warm-up: 10 minutes between 50% to 60% of maximum heart rate, then 3 minutes "blowout" at race pace and finish off the warm-up with 4 minutes of easy riding below 60% of maximum heart rate. Your range throughout the warm-up is self-selected.

  • Main-set: 8 x 4 minute seated force intervals between 75 % to 90% of maximum heart rate focusing on low cadence between 50 to 60 RPM. Recover for 2 minutes below 60% of maximum heart rate between each 4 minute effort, spinning legs out with light pressure on the pedals.

  • What the 4 minute efforts should feel like: Your breathing should be deeper and more rhythmic than during an endurance ride in the beginning of the interval to deep and short with a continuous sensation of moderate or even greater leg fatigue, and difficultly in holding a conversation.

  • Seated repeats technique: ​​Remain seated and maintain a still upper body. Engage the legs through the whole pedal stroke, using the glutes through the top of the pedal stroke, quads driving the pedals down and hamstrings/calves dragging up through the back of the pedal stroke.

  • Cool-down: 10 minutes below 60% of maximum heart rate, with a self-selected cadence range to bring your body back it's natural state.





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