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Welcome! RIDEANDRACE provides a "human" service and uses the bicycle to create a connection, adventure and a healthy lifestyle. 


Hey there, I'm Raf. I specialise in ultra-distance adventure cycling, individual performance, and target-focused training plans. I provide my expertise to cyclists who participate in events and those who don't compete, who have personal cycling goals or wanting to use cycling to establish or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Munga, ultra endurance cycling race across the Karoo.
Athlete Journey


Athlete's Journey... Sarah Atmore, Ultra-endurance Cyclist, Cape Town, South Africa

“Rafeeq helped me realize anything, not just finishing an ultra-endurance mountain bike race is attainable. My goal event was the Munga, an ultra endurance mountain bike race across a semi desert located in South Africa in the midst of summer. For 12 months I trained with Rafeeq from RIDEANDRACE,  each session had a specific aim in preparing me for the race. I went into the event mentally and physically prepared for everything and despite it being a challenging event I felt strong throughout.​"

Training Solutions

Training Solutions

Choose one of the three training solutions below... primary factor to consider is your level of attention you require to achieve your goal.


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What Is An Ultra-Distance Cycling Race?

If you love cycling and you are looking for a new challenge, you might want to consider ultra cycling. Ultra cycling is a form of long-distance cycling that involves riding for extended periods, often over multiple days, across varied terrain, sometimes in remote wilderness (with wildlife) areas and extreme weather conditions.


Athlete's Journey... "He shared ideas and advice ranging from training, mental aspects of endurance cycling, equipment and racing strategy, he even contacted me via WhatsApp at every race village to touch base and motivate me."

Ivan Doncaster, 1st time Munga participant.

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