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Welcome! RIDEANDRACE provides a "human" service and uses the bicycle to create a connection, adventure and a healthy lifestyle. 


Raf here. I specialize in ultra-distance adventure cycling, individual performance and target-focused training plans...; and I do work with cyclists that don't compete, but wants to use cycling to shape or maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


Training Solutions

Trainng Solutions


Choose one of the three training solutions below... primary factor to consider is your level of attention you require.


Coaching - Continual training guidance and support in the direction of your goal.


Tailored Plan - Train independently with specificity and minimal interaction.


Pre-Built Plan - Improve your health and performance with a generalized plan. 

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Athlete's Journey...


Sarah Atmore, Ultra-endurance Cyclist, Cape Town, South Africa

“Rafeeq made me realize anything, not just finishing an ultra-endurance mountain bike race is attainable. My goal event was the Munga, an ultra endurance mountain bike race across a semi desert located in South Africa in the midst of summer. For 12 months I trained with Rafeeq from RIDEANDRACE,  each session had a specific aim in preparing me for the race. I went into the event mentally and physically prepared for everything and despite it being a challenging event I felt strong throughout.​"

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All accomplishments starts with a decision to try. 

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