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After getting lost and then calling it quits at TheMunga, my first ultra, I decided to dust myself off and go back in 2016 to try again and finished 7th overall. This small victory became a reference point as to what is possible, a few weeks later I launched an ultra endurance cycling coaching business....All accomplishments starts with a decision to try.



Become a confident, motivated and faster cyclist or ultra endurance cyclist, click here.

Pause your life for a day or two and experience a beautiful part of the world by bicycle, click here.


RIDEANDRACE is born from a lifestyle that has revolved around the bicycle. 

Bespoke health and adventure service - Coach and Guide


For a year I have trained with Rafeeq from RIDEANDRACE. It is the first time in my life that I have used a structured training plan and a coach. I was training for the Munga, an ultra endurance mountain bike race and I cannot put into words just how much it helped me.
Rafeeq is incredibly professional and knowledgeable. Each session had a specific aim in preparing me for the race. I went into the event mentally and physically prepared for everything and despite it being a challenging event I felt strong throughout.


Rafeeq - thanks for the perfect balance of preparation, pushing me to get fitter and stronger, advice and encouragement. I am immensely grateful for all of your effort and highly recommend this for anyone wanting to take on a challenge, no matter how big or small it may be.

Sarah Atmore

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