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Welcome! RIDEANDRACE provides a "human" service and uses the bicycle to create a connection, adventure and a journey to become a better version of ourselves.


From the name is Rafeeq. I have particular interests in ultra-endurance and adventure cycling, and I specialize in individual performance and target-focused training plans online to help cyclists train efficiently.

Trainng Solutions

Training Solutions

Close personal contact is essential when helping athletes achieve their goal, so none of RIDEANDRACE training solutions feature any limitations on athlete initiated contact frequency.


Continual training guidance and support in the direction of your goal.


Tailored Plan


Train independently with minimal training feedback, analysis or updates.

Pre-Built Plan 


Ready-to-use generalized training plan that suits most cyclists.




Who is an athlete? A person who prioritizes exercise, performance, and health in their lives.


Are the training solutions only for cyclists who race? No, it is also for cyclists who don’t race but has a cycling goal. You may want to build or maintain fitness, aim to finish a local hard ride in a certain amount of time, complete an Everesting, a Rapha Festive 500 or use cycling to improve mental health.


Do I need lots of time to train? The amount of time required depends on your realistic goal. Bare in mind that cycling is an endurance sport that requires large volumes of work at appropriate times to achieve your goal. However, sometimes less is more, and training isn't just about how many hours you ride; it is also about developing power, skill set and adaptability to different situations.

What do I need? A deep desire to improve in some way, a bicycle and or indoor trainer, downloadable cycling GPS computer (Garmin, Wahoo, etc.) and a heart rate monitor and or powermeter.

Which training solution should I choose? Your current level of fitness, age or cycling experience is not important. Primary factor to consider is your level of attention you require.


The athlete's

Sarah Atmore, Ultra-endurance Cyclist, Cape Town, South Africa

“I really can't find the words to express how much working with a coach has changed my life. Rafeeq made me realize anything, not just finishing an ultra-endurance mountain bike race is attainable. Without his help I would not be the person I am today. My goal event was the Munga, an ultra endurance mountain bike race across a semi desert located in South Africa in the midst of summer. For 12 months I trained with Rafeeq from RIDEANDRACE and this is the first time in my life that I used a structured training plan and worked with a coach. Each session had a specific aim in preparing me for the race. I went into the event mentally and physically prepared for everything and despite it being a challenging event I felt strong throughout.​"

Mark Derecourt, Road Cyclist, Perth, Western Australia  

“Thank you, Rafeeq, for your cycle training programs coupled with regular positive feedback provided with my road cycling training plans over the last 3 months. The improvement in power, lower heart rate, and general wellbeing are a direct result of your easy and simple to follow plans accessible on my TrainingPeaks. I am proud to be a RIDEANDRACE athlete at the youthful age of 56 years, I am looking forward to continued improvements with guidance from you."


Ivan Doncaster, Ultra-endurance Cyclist, Nelspruit, South Africa

"I can highly recommend Rafeeq as an endurance cycling coach. He assisted me with preparation for The Munga 2022. Rafeeq's training plans were tailored to my goals and work/life schedule. The workouts were easy to understand, adaptable (life happens) and uploaded via TrainingPeaks. Training with a power meter and keeping to specified zones helped me to gradually increase my training load without fear of injury or illness. He shared ideas and advice ranging from training, mental aspects of endurance cycling, equipment and racing strategy (he even contacted me via WhatsApp at every race village to touch base and motivate me). The journey towards my first Munga with Rafeeq was as enjoyable as reaching the finish line!"

Bohumil Brhel, XCM Mountain Biker, Prague, Czechia

"After five years of racing in an amateur mountain bike competition, my performance had stagnated for a long time, so I started thinking about what I could change to improve. On the Internet, I found a training application for athletes TrainingPeaks. Its training plan library and various coach profiles immediately caught my attention. Quite quickly, and according to my preferences, I found a suitable coach profile. After a short consultation with Rafeeq from RIDEANDRACE, we agreed and planned the entire winter training season. I can confirm that choosing RIDEANDRACE was the best decision I made to prepare for Czechia mountain bike racing in the summer. Rafeeq created a great plan based on my training history, fitness level, travel schedule, training time available and goals. When needed, he adjusted the training according to my training response, increased fatigue, work stress and changes in scheduled travel plans. Based on my experience, I will recommend it to any cyclist who wants to take their cycling performance to a level higher over winter or in a short period." 

All accomplishments starts with a decision to try. 


Five Simple Training Tips

Improving doesn’t have to be complicated! This blog post provides you with simple tips that will help you improve your cycling performance.

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