The first step is to learn and understand who you are, your health history, your realistic goals, your natural abilities and limiting factors. This starts with a consultation and gathering of key information needed for the creation of your individualised plan via a detailed athlete questionnaire. A specific test method is applied to gather heart rate and/or power data. Using the information provided in the questionnaire, the demands of your goal or event and the test data, we are able to determine what it is you need to do to bridge the gap between your current fitness and where it needs to be in order to achieve your realistic goal.
Next, the building of your individualised training program begins. Working backwards from goal the date, a long term plan with optimal amount of stress and recovery is created up until the present day. Your training is scheduled via TrainingPeaks at a frequency that improves your fitness without consuming your life. 
Training begins, here you are required to read and understand the training that has been written for you, execute sessions within workout guidelines and description, ride safely, upload your training data in a timely manner, be disciplined about your recovery and communicate when obstacles present themselves. As always communication is essential because without it coaching support and feedback can’t be provided, so you are encouraged to log training-readiness metrics and provide training feedback. Your feedback is important as this allows for better analyse as well as adjustments to ensure progression and prevent illness and or injury.
After 8 weeks of training another test method is applied to assess if and how much overall fitness has improved. Details provided from the test combined with a review of the 8 weeks of training will determine how the program should be adjusted. From here, the coaching process of planning, guiding, challenging, monitoring and evaluating continues in order to keep you on track and aid in your development the until the target is reached.

Remove the guesswork - There are many components, lots of behind the scenes thinking and planning involved in how to prepare for your goal, and a coach does the thinking for you.


Specific training - Guided by science and personal race experience, a detailed training program is created which includes specific workouts and training methods that are effective but keeps the process fun.  

Provide accountability - There is nothing is more effective than a coach. Knowing that someone is going to check if you missed or shortened a sessions will keep you accountable.  

Maintain motivation - Having someone in your corner who believes in you and your goal can make all the difference. A coach encourages you through training and even through the difficult days, keeping you on track to reach your goals.



Hi! I am Rafeeq, owner of RIDEANDRACE. As an athlete, I'm driven by adventure, and enjoy riding far and fast.

​As a coach I have personal racing and training experience that extend to 12hr & 24hr solo road and mtb racing, self-supported & semi supported ultra-endurance racing as well as single day racing, criteriums, time trials, XC, marathon and stage racing. I particular interest and expertise in long distance cycling, but work with both men and women who want to or who are competing in shorter distance cycling. 


Learn more about the coach here.




“I really can't find the words to express how much working with a coach has changed my life. Rafeeq made me realize anything, not just finishing an ultra-endurance mountain bike race is attainable. Without his help I would not be the person I am today”

Sarah Atmore, ultra-endurance cyclist.


Focused plan to fit your needs, all coaching is done remotely via TrainingPeaks, so your location does not matter. There are two options for online coaching on a space available basis:



Who this is for - a monthly subscription for the beginner to advanced cyclists who needs frequent coaching guidance in order to build fitness progressively. Level one is for cyclists facing obstacles and challenges in training such as illness and injury or obstacles and challenges in work and or life, cyclists wanting to build fitness more rapidly at a controlled rate, cyclists with specific goals or who are moving to the next level of competition. 

Level One Includes

  • Flexible training meaning when life gets in the way or changes in schedule happen, training is re-written to accommodate.     

  • 100% customized program tailored to your needs and specifications.

  • Baseline and regularly-scheduled testing.

  • Daily communication via WhatsApp.

  • Progress report.


Who this is for - a monthly subscription for the independent cyclist, beginner to advanced who prefers structure with minimal coaching guidance and communication in order to build fitness progressively.

Level Two Includes

  • A monthly training program that is based on workout data analysis and feedback.

  • 100% customized program tailored to your needs and specifications. 

  • Communication via TrainingPeaks workout comments box only.

  • Baseline and regularly-scheduled testing.

  • Progress report.

  • 1 email per month to provide additional feedback(both ways) and update/confirm any changes in training calendar.

To get started or find out more, please complete the form below, your information will not be shared or published.

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