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Coaching from RIDEANDRACE is more than just planning workouts, it is partnership - your goal becomes our goal. And together we will work at improving your well-being, getting you fit and achieve the goal at the right pace.  

Coaching is for the beginner, intermediate, competitive and non-racer with complex training needs such as wanting to achieve a long-term or specific goal, or coming back from illness or injury, or facing challenges in work and life.


Raf here... working with a coach can be a rewarding experience. As a coach, I can enhance your health and performance and help you reach your goals by -

Removing the guesswork - There are many components involved in preparing for your goal. I do all the thinking and planning for you. Derived from research and personal experience, I provide specific workouts and training methods that are effective but keep the process fun... the process extends to gear/equipment choices, setups and unforeseen race/event scenarios.

Guiding and course correcting - I amend the ongoing training process to achieve the desired outcome.

Providing support and accountability - I am genuinely interested in you and I support your aspirations. I am dedicated to ensuring your overall welfare and growth, and I will reach out to you when I sense something is amiss. Maintaining close personal contact is crucial, and I encourage you to contact me whenever necessary.

See coaching details below.

Coaching Details

  • Comprehensive assessment followed by weekly or bi-weekly training plan updates supported by workout analysis, your response to training stimulus, feedback and stressors.

  • Lifestyle and health monitoring to minimise the risk of illnesses.

  • Analysis and feedback provided on key sessions and daily monitoring of training status with sessions adjusted as required.

  • Supportive environment, working closely with you to continuously identify and remove any obstacles that may hinder your training and ability to perform optimally.

  • Nutritional, hydration, strength and flexibility guidance to improve the quality of your training.

  • Daily email with workout details, downloadable workout files, and auto-sync integration between popular indoor training software and head units.

  • Daily communication via email, WhatsApp text, or TrainingPeaks.

Your investment in your health and goal -

R1650 per month.

Coaching Key Details

Fit, far, fast or finish! Let's get started.

Coach Enquiry
Are you new to the sport of cycling?

Thanks for submitting! I might be out on the bike, and will respond as soon as the helmet and gloves come off.


Not sure about Coaching? The best solution for you could a Tailored Plan.

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