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Coaching from RIDEANDRACE is more than just planning workouts, it is partnership - your goal becomes our goal. And together we will work at improving your well-being, getting you fit and achieve the goal at the right pace.  



How a coach helps you to improve and reach you goal.

Removes the guesswork - There are many components, lots of behind the scenes thinking and planning involved in how to prepare for your goal, and a coach does the thinking for you. Your total stress and health is considered.

Uses a methodical process - Provides a strategic and individualised approach, you’ll always know how each workout, week or phase fits into your program and serves to move you closer to your goals. The process extends to gear/equipment choices and setups, and unforeseen race/event scenarios.

Curates specific training - Guided by science and personal race experience, a detailed training program is created which includes specific workouts and training methods that are effective but keeps the process fun. 

Provides accountability, support and guidance - There is nothing is more effective than a coach. Knowing that someone is going to check if you missed or shortened sessions will keep you accountable. By your side and work hand in hand with someone who believes in you and your goal can make all the difference.

Who coaching is for?

RIDEANDRACE coaching is for the beginner, intermediate competitive and non-racer with complex training needs such as wanting to achieve a long term and or specific goal/s, build fitness more rapidly at a controlled rate, or moving to the next level of competition or facing obstacles and challenges in training such as illness and injury or obstacles and challenges in work and or life.

How the process works.

1. Complete a comprehensive assessment - this help to get an understanding of who you are, your overall health, training history, requirements, goals and key factors affecting your training and performance ability.

2. Perform a baseline test to determine current level of fitness, your physiological profile and accurate intensity targets.

3. Your personalized training is then built and segmented into phases and cycles, each with clear outcome, performance and process goals towards your priority events or physiological targets, and delivered in increments of your choice, weekly or monthly.

4. You start training and provide subjective feedback - feel and perceived exertion. More detailed post workout comments are only necessary for key sessions, however regardless of session importance leave a post workout comment if you feel that there is something the coach needs to know.

5. Your training is monitored and analyzed via TrainingPeaks and Golden Cheetah, adjusted when needed to ensure that you are training at a level that is right for you, and updated and delivered at a frequency of your choice, weekly or monthly.

What is included?

  • Supportive environment, a close-working relationship to continuously identify and remove any obstacles that my hinder your training and ability to perform optimally.

  • Weekly or monthly training updates supported by workout data analysis, your response to training stimulus and your feedback.

  • Lifestyle and health monitoring - sleeping patterns, weight, heart rate and other data is monitored to minimize the risk of illnesses while maximizing performance.

  • Regular monitoring of training status with sessions adjusted as required.

  • Data analysis and feedback on key sessions.

  • General nutritional and hydration guidance, and a steady dose of general strength and flexibility work to improve the quality of your training.

  • Downloadable workouts and Autosync integration between TrainingPeaks and popular indoor training software and head units.

  • Training schedule adjustments - when life gets in the way or changes in schedule happen, training is re-written to accommodate.

  • 24 to 48 hour response time to changes in training plan.

  • Weekly or monthly coach initiated check-in to comment/question and plan ahead.

  • Daily coach-athlete communication via email or Whatsapp text or TrainingPeaks post workout comments.

Your investment in your health and goal -

  • Local athletes: R950-R1450/month plus a once off sign-up fee of R350.

  • International athletes: $75-$115/month plus a once off sign-up fee of $30.


Fit, far, fast or finish! Would you like to get started or find out more about the coaching service? Please complete the form below.

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