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Pre-Built Plan

RIDEANDRACE pre-built training plans are feasible, research-based and include personal experience and practical knowledge to help you improve specific abilities and disciplines or prepare for an event in a set time. 

Pre-Built Details

  • Easy to follow generalized, but effective training plan with a set duration, appropriate intensities, training stress, recovery and test/s. Workouts are scheduled to match expected fatigue in order to optimize training.

  • Training support - you may reach out at any time if you can't figure out or need verification on something related to your training or the plan.

  • General nutritional, hydration, strength and flexibility guidance to improve the quality of your workouts.

  • Daily email with workout details, downloadable workout files, and auto-sync integration between popular indoor training software and head units.


Your investment in your health and goal -

From $30, please get in touch if you have a question or unsure about which pre-built plan is best for you. 

Pre-Built Menu
Off Season


Off Season

Creates an opportunity to develop fitness straight off the bat come pre-season, as opposed to spending weeks and months catching up to past levels of performance.




Build a solid foundation and prepare your body for the higher level of training to come.


Traditional Base Plans 


An old-fashioned approach to develop aerobic fitness and prepare your body for the higher level of training to come. 


Indoor Base Plans

A blend of indoor interval training to develop aerobic fitness and prepare your body for the higher level of training to come. 

Specific Fitness 


Build specific fitness on your foundation or use these plans in the off season to improve any weakness.


Short and Sharp Repeatability

Improves your ability to repeat near-maximal to maximal power outputs and to recover more quickly from successive bursts of higher intensities, speed and power.



Improves your climbing ability, and power output and fatigue resistance for rides and races over a duration of 6 to 12 hours and upwards, and over multiple back to back long days. 




Balanced approach to give you versatility, and improve your ability to be competitive in various disciplines, and rides or races over a duration of 3 to 5 hours or multiple back to back short days. 

Discipline Specific 


Build discipline-specific fitness on your foundation, or prepare for a key event and fine tune technical skills and mental preparedness.



Event specific training plans to prepare you for any mutli-day stage and off-road bike adventure or race such as Cape Epic.



Complimentary week so that you can check out the plan features and get a feel for the level of detail provided.


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