RIDEANDRACE pre-built training plans are built for most cyclists and is the most cost-effective solution to structured training targeting specific phases, abilities or events.

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The pre-built training plans are based on research, practical knowledge and personal experience, and are an affordable alternative for both non-racer and racer; beginner, intermediate or competitive who is not ready to commit to one-on-one coaching or a tailored training plan. This type of plan may not be specifically built for you, however there are variety of pre-built plans to choose from; that if followed will provide direction to improved consistency, recovery and results.


RIDEANDRACE pre-built training plans are built on and administered via the TrainingPeaks platform, and compatible with fitness apps and devices such as Apple Watch, Zwift, Garmin, Wahoo, Polar, Suunto, Rouvy, Tacx, Fitbit, Trainerroad, Sigma, Powertap, MyFitnessPal and SRM. 



  • A plan with a set duration and targets a specific ability or event.

  • A guide containing all of the key details.

  • Easy to follow plan, with an appropriate intensity, training stress and recovery.

  • Built in fitness and performance testing.

  • Daily workout notifications with recommended power, heart-rate and or RPE targets.

  • Depending on plan specifications, downloadable workouts that can be executed outdoors or programmed into ZWIFT and smart interactive indoor trainers allowing you to execute the workouts at home on your device of choice.

  • Email support.

  • Basic TrainingPeaks account.



Beginner - Best for the cyclist who is new to the sport, doing a certain event for the first time and looking for entry level training. Your goal might be to make it across the finish line.

Intermediate - Best for the cyclist with at least one to three years training experience, who has trained and competed in a certain event more than once. Your goal might be to finish near the top of your category or age group.

Competitive - Best for the cyclist with more than four years of training experience, who has trained and competed in a certain event more than three times. Your goal might be to win your category, age group, finish near the top or stand on the podium.




Gran Fondo/Century Plans to prepare you for a long-distance road, gravel or mtb race/ride that ranges between 100km to 200km. It's a mass participation event with often varied terrain and scenic course. 

Indoor Base Plans to improve your base fitness which will enable you to train at a much higher level later i.e. the plan will prepare your body for the more specialized and race specific training that will come later. 


Lockdown Plans that is built around most people’s current situation and is really simple to follow. The workouts have been scheduled to match your expected fatigue in order to optimize your training.

General Preparation Plans ​to develop general fitness through cross–training i.e. lifting weights, core training and aerobic activities such as running, swimming, hiking and cycling. 

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If you have a question or unsure about which pre-built plan is best for you, then the easiest way to get in touch is by using the contact form or this email address:

If you are not keen on a pre-built plan and not ready to commit to Coaching then a tailored plan can be created for you, see Tailored Plan.