Rafeeq Safodien - UCI Level One Certified Coach, associate coach at Bike2max Studio, I have a genuine passion for the sport and my life revolves around the bicycle. I have spent the better part of almost 20 years on a bicycle and have a long history in adapting my fitness for the different cycling disciplines. With a background in road racing my interest in cycling is now focused on mountain biking and solo ultra endurance racing such as 12hr, 24hr and un-supported adventure racing.


Where it started - After getting lost and then calling it quits at TheMunga, my first ultra, I decided to dust myself off and go back in 2016 to try again... I finished 7th overall. This small victory became a reference point as to what could be possible, a few weeks later I launched an ultra-endurance cycling coaching business.

My goal - I aim to have a positive impact on your attitude, physical development, lifestyle and confidence.


Who I would like to work with - A cyclist, male or female, who is willing to try and shape their lifestyle and environment to match their realistic aspirations.

Race experience - 12hr & 24hr solo road and mtb racing, self supported & semi supported ultra endurance racing, single day and multi-day stage racing. Having competed many cycling events, provincial and national, on and off road, the most memorable races are THEMUNGA, a DNF in 2015 inspired a second attempt in 2016, finishing 7th overall. A close second is the 2018 BIKINGMAN OMAN, a self-supported ultra endurance sprint race, finishing 8th overall and achieving a personal best by completing a 1000km race in less than 3 days.

Other ultra cycling achievements - Podium finisher at DARLING TTU 24 hour in 2018 and 2017. Top 5 finisher at Killarney 12 hour in 2018.

My mountain bike and road training and racing experience extends to - Single day racing, criteriums, time trials, XC, marathon and stage racing such as Cape Epic, Cape Pioneer, Wine2Whales.


Services - Please see my Coaching page, if you are not ready to commit to coaching then see my Tailored Plan page or Pre-Built Plan page.




Partnership - Your goal becomes our goal.

Individuality - Male or female, no two cyclists are the same and each requires a custom approach.

Consistency - Simple, consistency beats intensity, volume and dictates results.

Execution - Hard work, dedication and consistency is required to achieve success at any task, however you should never have to really force yourself to train, it is okay to skip a workout.

Quality - The quality of each interval should be maintained, if the intensity drops or recommended targets cannot be reached then the session should be stopped.

Quantity - Less is more, however cycling is an endurance sport that requires large volumes of work at appropriate times to achieve your goal.

Intensity - Hard sessions will be hard and easy sessions will be easy. Together we will ensure that you the athlete are physically and mentally rested for the hard sessions.

Specificity - What ever aspect you focus on you will improve.

Variation - The same training may lead to the same result over and over. Change the result by changing the training load, volume and or type.

Rest - Be it for a day, a week or even extended period away from the bike, taking a break will be scheduled to allow your body and mind to rebuild.



Based in Cape Town, working remotely. If you need some guidance, assistance in preparing for a road, gravel or mountain bike event, want to commit to weeks or months of training, or have any questions then the easiest way to get in touch is by using the contact form or this email address: 

I might be out on the bike, I will respond as soon as the helmet and gloves come off.

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