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Meet The Coach

Rafeeq Safodien - UCI Level One Certified Coach, I have a genuine passion for the sport, and my life revolves around the bicycle. I have spent almost 20 years cycling and have a long history of adapting my fitness to the different cycling disciplines. With a background in road racing, my interest in cycling has shifted to mountain biking. I have a particular interest and expertise in solo self-supported ultra-endurance/distance and adventure racing. However, I don't know all the answers. Through continued learning and research, I understand the science of cycling and endurance as well as I can.


Where it started - After getting lost in the Karoo and calling it quits at 2015 TheMunga, my first ultra, I went back in November  2016 to try again, and finished 7th. This small victory became a reference point as to what could be possible, a few weeks later I launched RIDEANDRACE.

My motto - All accomplishments start with a decision to try.

What I aim to achieve - I provide a "human" service; the person comes first, not the athlete... I aim to have a positive impact on; your attitude, physical development, lifestyle and confidence. 


Who I would like to work with - A person who prioritises exercise, performance and health in their lives. Who is willing to try and shape their lifestyle and environment to match their realistic aspirations. Regardless of the chosen training solution I have sincere interest in all RIDEANDRACE athletes..., close contact is essential when helping them achieve their goal. My response time may vary but none of my training solutions feature any limitations on athlete initiated contact frequency.


My approach - Understanding your individuality and take into account your particular circumstances and plan everything down to the smallest detail or with some flexibility. To ensure that I can help you experience noticeable changes and get the results you are looking for you should be willing to commit to a minimum training period of 3-4 months. My training process is simple..., it requires consistency, is often dull, boring and somewhat repetitive, and not glamorous or always easy.

Race experience - 12hr & 24hr solo road (podium placer) and mtb racing, self supported & semi supported ultra-endurance racing, national elite level single day and multi-day stage racing. Having competed in many cycling events, the most memorable race is the 2018 Bikingman Oman, a self-supported ultra endurance sprint race, finishing 8th overall and achieving a personal best by completing a 1000km race in less than 3 days. A close second is a split between TheMunga in 2016 and Cape Epic in 2015.

My mountain bike and road training and racing experience extends to - Criteriums, time trials, XC, marathon and multi-day stage races such as Tankwa Trek, Cape Pioneer, Wine2Whales, Giro Del Capo.

Get In Touch

I'm based in Cape Town, working remotely with athletes worldwide. If you need some guidance in preparing for a road, gravel or mountain bike event, get into the world of ultra distance cycling, want to commit to months of training, go for a ride when visiting Cape Town, use cycling to shape or maintain a healthy lifestyle, or have any questions then the easiest way to get in touch is by using the contact form or this email address:

I might be out on the bike, and will respond as soon as the helmet and gloves come off.


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Where to go next? Choose one of the three training solutions below... primary factor to consider is your level of attention you require to achieve your goal.


Unsure? Get in touch!

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