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What is Your Level of Skill?


A cyclist who is new to the sport.

A cyclist doing a certain event for the first time and looking for entry level training. Your goal might be to make it across the finish line.


A cyclist with at least one to three years training experience.

A cyclist who has trained for and competed in a certain event more than once.

Your goal might be to finish near the top of your category or age group.


A cyclist with more than four years of training experience.

A cyclist who has trained for and competed in a certain event more than three times.

Your goal might be to win your category, age group, finish near the top or stand on the podium.

Non-racer - Beginner, Intermediate or Competitive

A cyclist who doesn’t race but wants to use cycling to improve mental health, build, improve or maintain fitness, aiming to finish a tough local ride in a certain amount of time, loosing weight, eating healthier, be able to reduce depression or completing an Everesting.



Having goals will give you a sense of direction..., a cycling goal doesn’t have to be a race or event; it can be anything related to cycling fitness that is measurable, under your control and stretches you without breaking you.



A process that provides individualised training and guidance for cyclists of all abilities, both racer and non-racer with complex training needs and challenges. Learn more here.


Tailored Plan

Tailored training solution built to your exact requirements, and give you the structure and direction without the price tag of hiring a coach. Learn more here.


Pre-Built Plan

Designed for most cyclists and the most cost-effective solution to structured training targeting specific phases, abilities or events. Learn more here.


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