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Tailored Plan


A RIDEANDRACE tailored plan is based on your overall health, training history, natural abilities and limiters, and guides you towards your realistic goal/s with minimal feedback, analyses or updates.


Tailored Details

  • Comprehensive assessment followed by a once-off detailed plan (*minimum 8 weeks) with individualised overload, progression, recovery and training specificity.

  • Supportive environment, monitoring your training status and coach-initiated check-ins when needed.

  • General nutritional, hydration, strength and flexibility guidance to improve the quality of your workouts.

  • Daily email with workout details, downloadable workout files, and auto-sync integration between popular indoor training software and head units.

  • Daily communication via email or WhatsApp text or TrainingPeaks.


Investment in your health and goal -

R1950 per 8 weeks

Fit, far, fast or finish! Let's get started.

Are you new to the sport of cycling?

Thanks for submitting! I might be out on the bike, and will respond as soon as the helmet and gloves come off.

Not sure about a Tailored Plan or Coaching? The best solution for you is a Pre-Built Plan.

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