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Tailored Plan


A RIDEANDRACE tailored training plan is specifically designed for you, detailed to allow you to train independently and gives you a training experience that is as close to having a hands-on coach.


How a tailored plan can help you.

RIDEANDRACE tailored plans are a great match if you need specificity with minimal to no feedback, data analyses or updates. The tailored plan considers your overall health, training history, recent training data, natural abilities and individual limiters, and includes individualised physiological elements - overload, progression, recovery, specificity to maximize gains, get to a desired outcome and or goal within in your available training time.

What is included?

  • Supportive environment, monitoring of training status, and if needed coach initiated check-in to steer training program appropriately.

  • Comprehensive assessment followed by a once-off detailed plan tailored to your schedule, realistic goal/s, needs and current level of fitness released in 12 week (3 months) increments.

  • Guidance through the first 2 weeks and a follow-up at the end of the plan.

  • General nutritional and hydration guidance, and a steady dose of general strength and flexibility work to improve the quality of your training.

  • Downloadable workouts and Autosync integration between TrainingPeaks and popular indoor training software and head units.

  • Daily coach-athlete communication via email or Whatsapp text or TrainingPeaks post workout comments.


Your investment in your health and goal -

  • Local athletes: R1950/12 week plan plus a once off sign-up fee of R350.

  • International athletes: $150/12 week plan plus a once off sign-up fee of $30.

Fit, far, fast or finish! Would you like to get started or find out more about a tailored plan? Please complete the form below.

Are you new to the sport of cycling?


Thanks for submitting! I might be out on the bike, and will respond as soon as the helmet and gloves come off.


Not sure about a Tailored Plan or Coaching? 

The best solution for you is a Pre-Built Plan.

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