Functional Threshold Power Test

Do this test if you are training with a power meter. Test can be executed on an indoor trainer with optimal with cooling or on a flat, uninterrupted stretch of road with little to no traffic and no stop streets, traffic lights or intersections.

Before you test - you should be in good health, well rested, not injured and have not raced recently. Once you have your test values, training zones can be calculated to ensure the work you're doing is at the correct intensity.


1. Warm up well for 20 minutes.

2. Next a continuous effort of 20 minutes. Start easy, within the first 2 minutes increase the intensity to where breathing becomes deep but steady. And for the next 13 minutes hold that effort, your legs should feel like you are pushing but nowhere near your limit. Five minutes to go – hanging in there, you should be going hard and feeling the effect of the last 15 minutes, here your breathing should be short and rapid.

3. Cool down, easy riding for 10 minutes.


Your functional threshold power or FTP is 95% of the average power you achieved over the 20 minutes and you can calculate your training zones which are based on a percentage this number.

Zone 1 = Below 55% of your FTP

Zone 2 = 56% to 75% of your FTP

Zone 3 = 76 % to 90% of your FTP

Zone 4 = 91% to 105% of your FTP

Zone 5 = 106% to 120% of your FTP

Zone 6 = 121% to 150% of your FTP


That is it, thank you for reading, I hope you found it to be a useful resource.

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