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Get Yourself a MTB And Hit The Trails

The rides are though and will take you out of your comfort zone. There are different frame type - hardtail, soft tail or dual suspension, different tyres sizes - 26inch, 27.5inch and 29inch, wide bars, proprietary parts, hydraulic disc brakes, dropper seat posts, etc…

The mountain bike has found a permanent home in my bicycle collection.

I can remember the first time I riding a mountain bike; it was a Van Tuyl 26inch hardtail a buddy let me use to commute to and from work. Soon after I found myself on 29er, commuting more via the Table Mountain trails, training more on the mountain bike, and standing on the start line at local XC, Marathon and 24 hour MTB (preferred format/discipline) racing events.

Mountain biking was something new and exciting that came at the right time and made me enjoy riding a bicycle and the sport of cycling in a whole new way.... I now own 3 mountain bikes, all 29ers - a dual suspension, a hardtail and a single-speed hard-tail which far more exciting.


Here is why I hit the trails and why I think you should add a mountain bike to your collection and get onto the trails.

It improves your climbing ability and fitness.

Climbing on a road bicycle on tar is hard and I can manage my effort easier. Whereas ascending on a mountain bike in it natural terrain, over rocks, loose gravel and tree roots is even harder and requires a different technique.

More than often you will find yourself on climb where you have to remain seated, grind with a severe sensation of leg fatigue and ragged breathing while the rear wheel slips and the front wheel pops involuntary wheelies.

It improves your bike handle skills.

I’m not fast down technical trails, however my bike handling has improved and still improving – the more I hit the trails the greater my confidence grows. With every ride I’m learning where to place my body on the bike, learning how to control the bike and when to let it go.

Riding over rocks, gravel, ruts, tree roots, mud, wet and slippery surfaces and gentle manoeuvring pass hikers, walkers and unleashed dogs, and occasionally taking a tumble will improve your bike handle skills.

Other reasons...

Riding bike is always fun, I enjoy getting out on my road and gravel bike... a mountain bike takes something that is already good and makes it even greater.


That is it. Thank you for reading. I hope you found it to be a useful resource. Questions, comments and high fives! Drop them here.


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