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What Ultra-Distance Cycling Has Done For Me

There is something special about riding a bike and I think cycling’s greatest gift is the solitude that it creates. Be it a solo 200km training ride, ultra-endurance cycling race or bike packing adventure; for me riding a bicycle is an uncluttered experience, a form of meditation that generates calm feelings of tranquility and peace.

I was out on the bike today and I stop to thinking about all the reasons why I enjoy ultra-endurance cycling, why I do it and what it has done for me.

Shapes my mind and body...

The experience teaches me about my body, stretches it, breaks it and then rebuilds, it builds my confidence, increases positivity, reduces depression, it creates clarity, greater strength and increased energy reserves, I think that all of the above mentioned are amazing and valuable possessions.

Fix my own problems...

Alone you will find that difficult situations are temporary and all that is needed to overcome is to evaluate, adjust and then keep moving forward. I had to learn to be self-sufficient at a young age, so it is a natural sense but it’s also something that grows with each ultra-endurance cycling challenge.

The Munga

A semi-self supported ultra endurance single stage mountain bike race across the middle of South Africa in the heat of summer. It is an experience that completely changes me....

This is a race that is in my bones, it is the failed attempts, it is in the seventh place finish, it is in the people i met and the friends i made along the way, it is my reference point as to what is possible.

I have competed in THEMUNGA races since 2015, from going off track to finishing to letting my body follow my wandering mind and quitting. My takeaway from all 4 participations is that all accomplishments starts with a decision to try and if you fail, try again.

Confidence in my abilities grows with each challenge, and it can do the same for you. Here is a list other races that I am drawn to, these are races that will create lifetime experiences.

The Silk Road Mountain Race

A fixed route, unsupported, single-stage cycling race through the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. The clock does not stop and prizes are not awarded. It follows gravel, single and double track and old soviet roads that have long been forgotten and fallen into disrepair.

The Japanese Odyssey

Is an endurance cycling event, it's not a race it's about discovery about exploration about challenging yourself. Be prepared and go your way. Apart from the mandatory checkpoints, nothing is imposed. Speed along highways or venture off the beaten track, the choice is yours.

Tour Divide

Is an annual mountain biking ride traversing the length of the Rocky Mountains, from Canada to the Mexican border.

Incadivide Race

Is an annual, self-supported, ultra-distance cycling race across Ecuador and Peru in South America organized by the Bikingman organization. This is also the first ever self-supported race to take place in South America.

I have done the races listed below and will planning to do them again.

Bikingman Oman

Self-supported ultra-endurance sprint race exploring the south-east Arabian Peninsula: the Hajar Mountains, the spectacular Jebel Shams Pass, the Ash Sharqiyah Desert and Arabian Seaside Roads.

The Munga

My favourite, a 1000km single stage mountain bike race across the middle of South Africa in the heat of summer.


So plan and go an adventure, there will be many good and many bad experiences, it will be healthy because you will find your true and hidden strengths.


That is it. Thank you for reading. I hope you found it to be a useful resource. Questions, comments and high fives! Drop them here.


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